A simple formula ...


We take care of everything and take a percentage of your total income per reservation

on total monthly income

... And a clear pricing

Price per Night   Nights    *Laundry Fees   Rental Income
100€  x  5  + *50€  = 550€
Rental Income   YourHostHelper   Total Income
Laundry not included   20%   Owner
500€   100€   400€
*paid by customers

Price per Night                    Nights                              Laundry Fees                              Rental Income

100€               x              5            +         50€ (paid by customers)                     550€

            Rental Income                                     YourHostHelper                                   Total Income

Laundry not included                                             20%                                                            Owner
               500€                                                      100€                                                         400€ 

100% FREE

We are paid by commission, so you only pay if you rent


Subscribe to our "Complete Management" formula freely, because you are not engaged


The accounts include your name, you collect the rent and give us our commission


Follow your reservations and income live via our application and manage the availability of your property

Contact us

Complete the YourHostHelper contact form and give us the basic information about your apartment: Address, number of rooms, area size, rental availability... And if you already have an ad on Airbnb, please do not hesitate to share the link.

Property visit

A member from the YourHostHelper team will organize a visit to your apartment and will answer all your questions. During this visit, he/she will advise you on the rental method and collect all necessary information concerning your apartment.

Service set up

After validation of the YourHostHelper contract, we will create your new email address dedicated to help you in the management of your accommodation as well as your advertising on Airbnb. YourHostHelper is here to assist you with anything.